Earn Millions of Tron in our 16 Stage - 2x1 Matrix System.


Why to choose Tron2x1

Earn over a MILLION Tron wih our Simply Formulated 16 Stage - 2x1 Matrix System.

Tron2x1 was developed for a more simpler approach to accumulating more TRON. Tron (TRX) current price is hovering around $0.03 USD and we want to accumulate tron with you. We devoped T2x1 to be easy, fun and rewarding. We are marketers just like you who have been in the cryptocurrency space for many years and have come up with a solid plan to help you earn TRX efficiently and effectively.

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Why Choose Tron2x1

Tron 2x1 uses the best cost affective crypto currency to conduct our business, TRX (Tron).

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Real Time Stats

Get instant notifications of cycled commissions and new referrals in real time.

Cloud Based

Banner/Text Advertising

Receive banner/text advertising you can use in our backoffice to promote your other cryptocurrency programs.

No transaction fees

Sponsor Bonuses

You will earn 35% direct referral commissions when you refer a pro member. Earn matching bonuses when you cycle levels 10 - 16.

Instant operations

Fast Moving 2x1

There is no need to fill big matrix plans with Tron2x1. Two people in every matrix will cycle you to the next level.

Strong teams & Advisors

Easy PIF System

Easily PIF your downline members in just a few steps. Choose the member you want to PIF, pay their entry fee and the rest is automated.

Protects the identity

Lower Transaction Fees

When you pay using Tron (TRX) you will pay a fraction of the joining costs of other programs.

How It Works

We have laid out a step by step plan to get started with Tron2x1.

Step 1

Signup With Tron 2x1

Tron 2x1 will be very popular due to the fast filling personally forced 2x1 matrix. So Click the Signup link and get started today.

Step 2

Purchase your Advertising for just 100 TRX

Our low cost fee of 100 TRX is sure to attract many new members to our program. You also earn 35% referral commission so when you refer 3 new pro member, you will be in profit.

Step 3

Refer at least 2 members

Not only will you be in profit by referring 3 PRO member, you will also cycle level 1 as well. As your referrals cycle they will follow you to the next levels as long as you stay in front of them.

Step 4

PIF any Free Members

This of course is optional, but if you want to get a jump start or help your referrals get started quickly, simply PIF them for just 100 TRX

Step 5

Instantly Withdraw Your TRON

Instant Withdrawals are amazing. Anytime you earn over 10 TRON, you can request a withdrawal and it will be paid instantly within 10 minutes.

T2x1 Payplan

Receive a Paid Entry to Level 1 when you cycle levels 10 - 16. All levels are personally forced meaning they follow the sponsor.

Tron2x1 Silver Plan

Compensation Plan
Get Started for just 15 Trx

Purchase each level in order. Reenter each level when you cycle. All levels are company forced meaning the positions follow in order as they are purchased.
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